Wavelight®  Casonara 360 Light-up Display Walls
  • Wavelight® Casonara 360 Light-up Display Walls

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    Breathe new light into your brand, exhibit, event or retail shop with the WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Displays. This pioneering new SEG tension fabric light box is designed to make backlit graphics more portable, modular and customizable. Our 360º illumination technology provides more visibility for your brand and more places to present your ideas. We have also color coded the frames which provides our users the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble the display without tools ––or breaking a sweat.


    • WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Display - 4ft
      360º Stand Alone LED Light Wall Display

      Kit Includes

      WaveLight® Casonara 4ft SEG Light Box - Flat Frame

      (2) LED Light Arrays in Soft Molded Carry Cases

      (1) 400W Power Supplies in Soft Molded Carry Cases

      (1) Set of Single or Double-sided Backlit Graphic Prints - a vibrant, recyclable and wrinkle-resistant polyester stretch fabric with sewn-in silicone edge insert.


      Display Size: 1000mm W x 2440mm H x 350mm D (39.4"W x 96"H x 13.8"D)

      Ships in (1) CA700 Hard Case with wheels:

      Size: 42.6”W x 22.03”D x 15.36”H (1080mm W x 560mm D x 390mm H)

      Total Weight Packed: 25kg (55 lbs)